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How to Reinforce Carport for Snow

The moment you get a carport for your vehicle you want it to be able to protect it from harsh weather conditions and keep the car in good condition. But most people do not take the required measures to ensure that their carport is strong enough to do so. Sometimes the weather can really get to a point that could damage your carport causing structural issues and making your carport weak and not effective. So in case this happens, you need to fix your carport that you would be able to shield your car and ensure maximum protection from external damages, harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow and hail.

Let us look at how to reinforce carport for snow and suggestions on what you can do.


You don’t want this to happen to your carport with your car under it.

If you want to make sure that your carport is strong enough and suitable to withstand the harsh weather conditions, you can reinforce it:

1. If your carport has any bent poles make sure to replace them with a stronger gauge and make sure to screw them to the roof structure. Long before winter comes, you should inspect your carport for any indication of damage.

2. The next thing would be to attach corner braces at each corner. Depending on the height of your carport, make sure to choose the right braces, they come in 2 foot length and 4 foot length. These braces can help your carport withstand the load of snow. In the first place, do you know the load capacity of your carport? Ask your dealer or manufacturer about it.

3. For firm support, anchor the carport using rebar spikes. The spikes should be embedded with concrete to give you that strong and firm stability. If the carport has a wooden platform you could tie down the walls with lag bolts.

4. Once the foundation is firm, then place metal header bars over each doorway, if your carport is enclosed and has a door. For that extra firmness make sure to add a garage door to one side of the carport.

5. Now you need to reinforce the carport with that extra stability so that it can withstand any weight or harsh conditions. Gables are perfect. Add one at each end of the carport, they extend from the top of the legs of the carport to the roofline.

6. Now to deal with you are the question how to reinforce carport for snow, add a snow brace inside the roofs structure and position it at the center. Once the braces are installed, your roof is able to withstand heavy load such as snow and hail stones. Also to make your roof efficient, you can add grommets to cut down on wind and rain damage and also install rain gutters.

Once you have done all these, your carport is ready and you will able to shield your vehicle with the necessary measures to help avoid damages caused by snow, rain and other weather elements. Now that we have solved the issue on how to reinforce carport for snow, make sure to maintain the quality of the carport. These reinforcements should not be done after the carport had been damaged, they should be done while you are constructing the carport to avoid extra unnecessary expenses in case of damages.

image credit: flickr.com/komunews